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Block and Brick Specifications
- Section 04200

Provide Concrete Masonry Units as manufactured by Terre Hill Concrete.and in compliance with ASTM C 90 Specification for Load-Bearing Concrete Masonry Units as follows:

  1. Unit Compressive Strength: 1900 psi net area unit compressive strength, average of three units, none to be less than 1700 psi.
  2. Weight Classification:
    1. Normal weight using aggregates complying with ASTM C 33.
    2. Lightweight using aggregates complying with ASTM C 331.
  3. Shapes: Provide special shapes for lintels, corners, jambs, sash control joints, headers, bonding and other special conditions.
  4. Provide Type 1, Moisture-Controlled or Type U, Non-Moisture Controlled units.
  5. Size: Manufactured with nominal face size of 8" high x 16" long (7 5/8" x 15 5/8" actual) x thickness indicated Within tolerance of referenced ASTM specification.
  6. Finish: Manufacturer's standard color and texture unless otherwise indicated.
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