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Inclined-Plate Hydrodynamic Separator

Terre Kleen™ (Patent # US 6,676,832 B2) is a new product developed exclusively by Terre Hill Concrete Products designed to clean stormwater runoff as mandated by EPA under the “National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System – Regulations for Revision of the Water Pollution Control Program Addressing Storm Water Discharges” of the Clean Water Act (CWA).

Terre Kleen™ uses the concept of inclined plates, based on proven, field-tested technology found in the water industry. Terre Kleen™ removes suspended solids from stormwater runoff in collection systems. View Terre Kleen™ Fact Sheets for detailed information.

Read the paper titled "RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF EFFECTIVE SUSPENDED SOLIDS REMOVAL FROM STORMWATER RUNOFF IN COLLECTION SYSTEMS USING IN-LINE LAMELLA PLATE SEPARATORS" presented at the 2003 Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposium held at Villanova University, Villanova, PA.


Our waterways are polluted

Today, particularly in urban areas, a high concentration of pollutants is found in storm-water discharges. Pollutants from concentrated human activity settle on impervious surfaces such as streets, parking areas, driveways and sidewalks until a storm-water event washes them, untreated, into a nearby drainage. Typically these inlets eventually discharge into nearby streams, thereby polluting the environment.

Recent environmental studies show that urban and suburban storm-water runoff affects 13% of impaired rivers, 21% of impaired lakes and 45% of impaired estuaries with untreated pollutants such as particulate bound heavy metals (zinc, lead, cooper and chromium), pesticides, fertilizers, oils, litter, grit, other debris and sediment.


Terre Kleen™ removes sediment from stormwater

Sediment removal = pollutant removal
The Terre Kleen™ patented technology is adapted from proven and field tested water cleaning techniques that have been used by the potable water industry for decades.  This technology can remove sediment as small as 15 microns from storm water run off, depending on regulatory and cost requirements.

Once removed = always removed  
Stored sediment will not be scoured from the secondary chamber during future storms.  After removal from stormwater, sediment is contained in the primary and secondary chambers ready for extraction using a vacuum truck.  Captured sediment is then properly disposed .

Stacked inclined plates = smaller footprint 
The patented Terre Kleen™ design takes advantage of inclined plates which pack a lot of settling area into a small footprint.  This is contained inside a precast structure that is designed to withstand traffic loading....highway, trains or even airplanes.  This allows for optimum utilization of the site.

Precast Concrete Structure = quick installation time
The Terre-Kleen ™ unit is installed into a precast structure at our manufacturing facilities.  When it arrives to the jobsite, it is picked up like any other precast unit or pipe and placed in the ground.  No special effort, knowledge or training is required by the installation crew to install a Terre Kleen™.



Testing and verification of Terre-Kleen's™ performance is being established by Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg, under the leadership of Dr. Shirley Clark, using the testing protocols established by the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program. The ETV program, established in 1995 by EPA, is recognized nationally as the third party verification program that provides objective, quality-assured performance data on new technologies.

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